Category: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Watermelon Non-Alcoholic

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe: 2-3 slices ripe watermelon 50ml. Cranberry Juice Dash fresh lemon juice Dash Grenadine slice of watermelon to garnish Blend all ingredients and serve into the glass, garnish and serve.

Raspberry label

Cocktail Recipe: 20-25 Raspberries 60ml. of milk (3%) 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream A Dash of Grenadine 3-4 raspberries for the bottom of the glass and 3 raspberries for garnish. Blend all the ingredients and strain into a margarita glass, then garnish and serve.

Lady Grapefruit

Cocktail Recipe: 1/2 squeezed grapefruit 40ml. Orange Juice 15ml. Fresh Lime Juice a Dash of Grenadine Grapefruit and lime for garnish Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a margarita glass.

The Naked Peach

Cocktail Recipe: Two peeled peaches Juice of one orange Juice of half a lime Dash grenadine Crushed ice Lime and mint for garnish Blend all the ingredients, strain into the glass, garnish with the lime and the mint and serve.

The Green Sisi

Cocktail Recipes: 50ml. Green Apple Juice 10ml. Fresh Orange Juice 20ml. Fresh Lime Juice Half a banana Dash of sugar syrup Lime for garnish Blend all ingredients with ice and strain into a margarita glass.

Strawberry and Mint Non-Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 4-5 Strawberries 4-5 Mint leaves 40ml. Sugar syrup 40ml. Fresh lime juice 40ml. Orange juice 100ml. Cranberry Juice Mint for garnish Muddle the first three ingredients, then add the other and shake with crushed ice.