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Applejack A whiskey made from a mash of at least 51% apples that is fermented, then distilled. Applejack is usually bottled at 40% alcohol.


Orgeat A sweet almond syrup used extensively in baking, also called “orzata”. Orgeat is the often forgotten ingredient in Voctor Bergeron’s classic Mai-Tai cocktail.


Anisette A liqueur that is flavoured with aniseed. First produced by the Marie Brizard Co. in France, is now made in many countries.

Amer Picon

French bitter liqueur flavored with quinine, orange peel, gentian and other bitter herbs, it is 30% alcohol. The French distiller-turned-soldier Gaetan Picon first made it for the French troops fighting in Algeria in 1837.

Angostura Bitters

J.G.B. Siegert, a young German army doctor who volunteered to fight for Simon Bolivar and Venezuelan independence, first created Angostura Bitters in 1824 as a stomach tonic for Bolivar’s jungle-weary troops. His first production plant was in the town of Angostura, but when the government became unstable he moved offshore to the island of Trinidad,…


Italian liqueur made from grape eau-de-vie and bitter herbs, usually served after a meal as a digestif.


AMARETTO Almond-and apricot-flavored liqueur, originally made in Italy but now made in other countries as well. Amaretto Di Saronno. Legend has it that Bernardo Luini, a student of the Da Vinci School, was painting frescoes for the Marie della Grazie Cathedral in Saronno, Italy, and used as a model a young woman who worked at…


Port is produced in the Duoro Valley in Portugal from several varities of grape, including touriga, mourisco and bastardo and some dark red varieties called the tintas, such as the tinta cao and the tinta francisca. The two basic categories of port are vintage port and wood port. Vintage ports are aged two years in…


Vermouth is a fortified wine, flavored with aromatic herbs and spices. When it comes to cocktails, the most important of the aromatic wines is vermouth. The word “vermouth” comes from the German word “wermut”, for wormwood….


The region is located in Gascony, in the south-western part of France, the brandy known as Armagnac was first produced in the fifteenth century. As for Cognac, the grape variety used to make Armagnac is trebbiano, known in France as ugni blanc or Sent-Emilion. Other minor grapes used are picpoul, jurancon and plant de grece….