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AMARETTO Almond-and apricot-flavored liqueur, originally made in Italy but now made in other countries as well. Amaretto Di Saronno. Legend has it that Bernardo Luini, a student of the Da Vinci School, was painting frescoes for the Marie della Grazie Cathedral in Saronno, Italy, and used as a model a young woman who worked at…

Caribbean Romance

Cocktail Recipe: 40ml. Havana Club 30ml. Amaretto 40ml. Orange juice 40ml. Pineapple Juice dash of grenadine Garnish: slice of orange Shake all ingredients with ice, garnish and serve.

Blueberry-Amaretto Sour

Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Blueberry – infused amaretto 25ml. Lemon Juice 15ml. Sugar Syrup Blueberries for garnish Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain into a rocks glass filed with ice.