Category: Svetlio's Cocktails

Cribbean Gold

Cocktail Recipe: 4-5 Melon cubes 50ml. Captain Morgan Rum 15ml. Midori 15ml. Lime Juice Dash of goldschlager Melon for garnish Blend all ingredients with ice and strain into a margarita glass. Garnish and serve.


Cocktail Recipe: 20ml. Captain Morgan spiced Gold Rum 20ml. Brandy 10ml. Tia Maria 20ml. Whipping cream One scoop of Chocolate ice cream and another one for garnish. Melted chocolate First make the glass decoration with the melted chocolate, put on the bottom of the glass crushed ice, then shake hard all ingredients (without the melted…

Raspberry label

Cocktail Recipe: 20-25 Raspberries 60ml. of milk (3%) 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream A Dash of Grenadine 3-4 raspberries for the bottom of the glass and 3 raspberries for garnish. Blend all the ingredients and strain into a margarita glass, then garnish and serve.

Lady Grapefruit

Cocktail Recipe: 1/2 squeezed grapefruit 40ml. Orange Juice 15ml. Fresh Lime Juice a Dash of Grenadine Grapefruit and lime for garnish Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a margarita glass.

Ice Tea Cooler

Cocktail Recipe: Half a lime cut into four quarters 5-6 mint leaves one teaspoon of sugar 50ml. gin Green iced tea to top up Crushed ice Mint for garnish Muddle the first three ingredients into the glass, add the crushed ice, the gin and stir, then top up with the ice tea, garnish and serve.

The Naked Peach

Cocktail Recipe: Two peeled peaches Juice of one orange Juice of half a lime Dash grenadine Crushed ice Lime and mint for garnish Blend all the ingredients, strain into the glass, garnish with the lime and the mint and serve.

Raspberry Gin Tea

Cocktail Recipe: Half a lime cut one four quarters 7-8 Raspberries 1 tea spoon sugar 50ml. Gin 10ml. Chambord (raspberry liqueur) top up with Green Ice Tea 3 raspberries for garnish Muddle in highball glass the first three ingredients, then add the Gin, Chambord, ice cubes and top up with ice tea, stir, garnish and…

The Green Sisi

Cocktail Recipes: 50ml. Green Apple Juice 10ml. Fresh Orange Juice 20ml. Fresh Lime Juice Half a banana Dash of sugar syrup Lime for garnish Blend all ingredients with ice and strain into a margarita glass.

Ginberry Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 4-5 strawberries 1 slice lime 1 slice orange 1 tea spoon sugar 30ml. lime juice 20ml. Sloe Gin 40ml. Gin Lime wedge for garnish Muddle the strawberries,lime,orange and sugar, add the lime juice, Sloe gin and Gin, shake well and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish and serve.

Lychee and Mint Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 40ml Vodka 40ml. Lychee Juice 10ml. Triple sec 10ml. Creme de menthe or 4-5 fresh mint leaves 20ml. fresh lime juice Garnish: lime wedge Blend all ingredients with a crushed ice, pour into a cocktail glass garnish and serve.