Category: Shooters

Russian Roulette

Recipe: 15ml Galliano 15ml Vodka White sugar and a lemon slice Pour the vodka into a shot glass. Coat a lemon slice with sugar, douse withe Galliano and light. Once the flame is out drink the shot and bite into the lemon.


Cocktail Recipe: 10ml. Kahlua 10ml. Baileys 10ml. Grand Marnier Layering

Sleek Seniorita

Cocktail Recipes: 30ml. Tequila Orange slice A pinch of cinnamon A simple one. Drop a pinch of cinnamon on your Tequila and top with a large orange slice.

Liquid Velvet

Cocktail Recipe: 15ml. Sambuka Black 15ml. Baileys Layering Smooth as

Japanese Rose

Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Vodka 20ml. Midori (melon liqueur) 20ml. Tequila Rose (strawberry cream liqueur) Shake the ingredients with ice and strain into 4 shot glasses

Black Coco Berry

Cocktail Recipe: 10ml. Grenadine 10ml. Cocoa White 10ml. Black Vodka Layering Taste the yum

After 8

Cocktail Recipe: 10ml. Creme De Menthe 10ml. Baileys 10ml. Black Vodka Layering Shot glass Created by Mimi Sanders