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Black Star Liner Martini

Recipe: 25ml. Chocolate Liqueur 25ml. Freshly made espresso 25ml. Patron XO Cafe ( Mexican coffee-flavoured tequila) 1 tea spoon sugar syrup Garnish: espresso beans and chocolate shavings Shake all the ingredients, strain into a martini glass. Add a few whole espresso beans and float chocolate shavings on the top.

Chocolate Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 15ml. Vodka 15ml. Galiano 15ml. Creme de cacao withe 30ml. Capucino cafe creme liqueur 30ml. Whipping cream Drizzle melted chocolate for garnish. Decorate a martini glass with melted chocolate. Shake well all the ingredients without the the cream, add the cream and stir. Pour into the decorated martini glass and serve.