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Kombucha is a Natural Cocktail Mixer. Kombucha is an ancient Chinese fermented health tea drink dating back to the Tsin Dynasty. The brew was then referred to as the “The Tea of Immortality” and its health properties were widely revered. Modern science has since explained the why, of what the ancient Chinese healers knew, which…


Kahlua A coffee liqueur from Mexico, arguably the best known of the coffee liqueurs. All Kahlua sold in the United States is made in Mexico, but Kahlua sold in Europe is made under license by the Peter Heering Company in Denmark.


Jagermeister A German liqueur made form fifty-six herbs that has a bitter-sweet flavour. Although Jagermeister has been produced since 1878, in the past ten years it has sold more then all the years prior, because of its popularity as a shooter with beer. It is 70% proof.


Drambuie A scotch-based sweet liqueur made with heather honey.

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer A spicy soft drink, usually carbonated, made from ginger root originated in Jamaica.


Grenadine Sweet red syrup used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The original flavour base was pomegranate, but many brands use artificial flavour. The real deal is still being made by Angostura, among others.

Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier A French proprietary orange and brandy liqueur that is made with curacao oranges. There are three levels widely available: Cordon Rouge (the standart), Centenaire (100th anniversary) and Cuve du Cent Cinquantenaire(150th anniversary).


Goldschlager A Swiss proprietary cinnamon liqueur, bottled at 87 proof, with 24-carat-gold flakes in the bottle.


Galliano. A proprietary Italian herd liqueur based on grape eau-de-vie that is infused with a vanilla top note. The Harvey Wallbanger cocktail put Galliano on every American bar in the late 1960s. It consists of vodka and orange juice in a high-ball glass with a float of Galliano.

Benedictine Dom

A French liqueur originally made by Benedictine monks, that dates back to the sixteenth century. The base is grape eau-de-vie from Cognac, which is flavoured with herbs, citrus peel, and aromatics. “DOM” is a Benedictine indulgence for ” God Most Good, Most Great” It is one of the higher-proof liqueurs at 40% alcohol.