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Galliano. A proprietary Italian herd liqueur based on grape eau-de-vie that is infused with a vanilla top note. The Harvey Wallbanger cocktail put Galliano on every American bar in the late 1960s. It consists of vodka and orange juice in a high-ball glass with a float of Galliano.

Harvey Wallbanger

Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Vodka 100ml. Orange Juice or (to top up) Float of Galliano An orange slice, to garnish. Pour the vodka and orange juice together over ice in a highball glass and float a little Galliano on top. The story goes that Harvey, a Californian surfer who had performed particularly badly in an important…

Golden Cadillac

Cocktail Recipe: 60ml. Cacao white 30ml. Galliano 30ml. Whipping cream Garnish pinch of cinnamon Blend all ingredients with a little crushed ice and strain into a champagne glass, garnish and serve.