Category: Svetlio's Cocktails

Strawberry and Mint Non-Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 4-5 Strawberries 4-5 Mint leaves 40ml. Sugar syrup 40ml. Fresh lime juice 40ml. Orange juice 100ml. Cranberry Juice Mint for garnish Muddle the first three ingredients, then add the other and shake with crushed ice.

Mixi Mix

Cocktail Recipe: 20ml. Kahlua 20ml. Cointreau 20ml. Dark Rum 30ml. Whipping cream Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with pinch of cocoa and serve.

Bulgarian Cloud

Cocktail Recipe: 25ml. Mastika (Bulgarian aniseed spirit) 25ml. Creme de Menthe 30ml. Vanila ice cream Stir all three ingredients briefly with bar spoon in shaker and pour into port glass with a little crushed ice. Garnish with two straws and serve. Bulgarian Cloud or just Cloud is a Bulgarian classic cocktail. The original recipe is…


Cocktail Recipe: 40ml. Gin 15ml. Cointreau 60ml. Litchi Juice (use the juice from the tin) 30ml. Fresh Lime Juice Garnish: a canned litchi and lime peel Shake with ice all the ingredients and serve into a cocktail glass garnish and serve.

Black Coco Berry

Cocktail Recipe: 10ml. Grenadine 10ml. Cocoa White 10ml. Black Vodka Layering Taste the yum

Meggi’s poison

Cocktail Recipe: 40ml. Gin 40ml. Green Apple Juice 20ml. Fresh Lemon Juice 5ml. Sugar syrup No Garnish Shake all the ingredients in shaker with ice and serve into a cocktail glass. Favorite cocktail of my mother in law, Meggy

Ginger Sour

Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Ginger Liqueur 25ml. Fresh Lemon Juice 15ml. Sugar syrup 10-15 ml. egg white Garnish: Thin slice of apple. Shake all the ingredients with ice and serve into a rocks glass.

Chambord Sour

Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Chambord Liqueur 25ml. Lemon Juice 15ml. Sugar syrup 10-15ml. Egg White Black Raspberries For Garnish Shake all the ingredients, strain into a glass filed with ice, garnish and serve.

Champagne Paradise

Cocktail Recipe: 15ml. Brandy 15ml. Cherry Brandy Chilled Champagne garnish with Maraskino Cherry Pour 15ml. Brandy and into a champagne glass top up with Chilled Champagne and garnish with Maraskino Cherry. This cocktail is Pamela’s house speciality. Created by Svetlio and Mimi Sanders for Pamela’s Restaurant.

Pear Shaped

Cocktail Recipe: 40ml Pear Liqueur 20ml Butterscotch caramel liqueur 20ml Whipping cream A Dash of Creme de cocoa dark Garnish pinch of cinnamon Shake all the ingredients, strain in to a cocktail glass and garnish.