Category: Vodka Cocktails

Sea Breeze

Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Vodka 75ml. Grapefruit Juice 50ml. Cranberry Juice a lime wedge, to garnish Pour all ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish and serve with straw.


Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Vodka 25ml. Creme de Mure (blackberry flavored liqueur) 25ml. Fresh lime juice a dash of sugar syrup Shake all ingredients and strain into a cocktail glass


Cocktail Recipe: 50ml. Frozen vodka 15ml. Black Sambuca Pour the vodka into a chilled martini glass, gently add the Sambuca, then serve. A Dark plot for Batman and catwoman

Banana Republic

Cocktail Recipe: 30ml. Vodka 15ml. Light Rum 15ml. Cream de banana (Banana liqueur) 30ml. Cranberry juice 30ml. Orange juice 30ml. Pineapple juice For decorative use a slice of pineapple and lime Shake all the ingredients with ice and serve in a tall glass, decorate and serve.

Strawberry and Mint Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 1. 4-5 Fresh strawberries 2. 4-5 Fresh mint leaves 3. Dash sugar syrup 4. 40ml. Raspberry Vodka 5. 20ml. Triple sec 6. 20ml. Fresh lime juice 1 strawberry for garnish Muddle the strawberries, mint and the sugar in a Boston shaker. Add the vodka, triple sec and the lime juice. Shake well and…

Chocolate Martini

Cocktail Recipe: 15ml. Vodka 15ml. Galiano 15ml. Creme de cacao withe 30ml. Capucino cafe creme liqueur 30ml. Whipping cream Drizzle melted chocolate for garnish. Decorate a martini glass with melted chocolate. Shake well all the ingredients without the the cream, add the cream and stir. Pour into the decorated martini glass and serve.