The Bohemian Absinthe Ritual

Cocktail Recipe:
a teaspoon sugar
30ml of Absinthe
30ml. water

1. Soak a teaspoon of sugar in a shot (30ml) of Absinthe.
2. Light the sugar and let it burn so that it bubbles and caramelized.
4. Pour the melted sugar into the Absinthe and stir.(if the absinthe in the glass catches alight, quickly smother the flames)
5. Add 30ml. water to the Absinthe, stir and serve. Absinthe is enjoying a revival in London bars after some notoriety in the early 19th century put it out of flavor. The infusion of wormwood was believed to endanger health, but any casualties were much more likely to have been the result of its high alcohol content. It can be as much as 140 proof – so it’s probably best to stick to just one!