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Mellon Ball

50ml Vodka 25ml Midori Pineapple juice to top up Melon cubes for garnish. Build over ice in a highball glass.

Mellon Cooler

5-6 Melon cubes 30ml. Midori 15ml. Creme de mure 15ml. Archers ( peach schnapps) 60ml. Pineapple juice Muddle the melon and shake the rest of the ingredients with ice and strain in margarita glass. Maraschino cherry for garnish.


50ml. Havana club 6-7 quarters of lime 4-5 mint leaves 2 bar spoons brown sugar Simple syrup to taste Soda water to top up Garnish with a mint spring Muddle the lime, mint and sugar in the bottom of a highball glass, fill with plenty of crushed ice, and add the rum. Stir well and…


30ml. Campari 30ml. sweet vermouth 30ml. Gin Garnish: 2-3 orange slices Build all the ingredients into a rocks glass filled with ice, garnish and serve. This signature Campari cocktail has been an international favorite for more than a century. It was invented in the early 1900s by a Florentine aristocrat, Count Camillo Negroni. The count…

Peppermint Twist

Recipe 40ml Creme de menthe white 15ml Cacao white 3 scoops of vanillia ice cream Garnish: pinch of ground almonds Blend all the ingredients with small ice. Now lets Dance

Russian Roulette

Recipe: 15ml Galliano 15ml Vodka White sugar and a lemon slice Pour the vodka into a shot glass. Coat a lemon slice with sugar, douse withe Galliano and light. Once the flame is out drink the shot and bite into the lemon.


Recipe: 6 parts brandy 3 parts cointreau 1 part lemon juice To make a Sidecar, pour the brandy, lemon juice and orange liqueur int a shaker with ice, and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve. The sidecar was created in Paris during WWI and was generally made with Cognac or Armagnac. Lately…


Recipe: 50ml. Bourbon or Cognac 15-20ml. Gomme 2 dashes Angostura bitters 10ml Absenthe Garnish: orange peel Shake all the ingredients, except the absinthe. Splash the Absenthe into he rocks glass, fill with ice and swirl it, then pour the Absenthe out. Strain the contents of the shaker into the rocks glass and garnish. Antoine Amadie…